Caffenu Capsules

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Caffenu Cleaning capsules

Nespresso & Caffeluxe compatible machines

The world´s first cleaning capsule for your Nespresso® coffee machine

Nespresso® coffee machines collect a fair amount of oils, tannins and granules build up inside the brewing chamber of the coffee machine that you cannot get rid of with conventional cleaning methods, not even by descaling your machine.

The Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule was specifically developed to clean your Nespresso® coffee machine like no other product can. At the press of a button a unique foaming action is released that gets rid of all residue and build up in just 2 minutes. The product readily dissolves and leaves no residue, made from biodegradable and organic materials.

With regular use it can make your machine last longer and enhance the flavour and aroma of your coffee. Experience your coffee like nu again! For information and videos, visit

Remember to clean you rmachine at least once every 30 days or 30 cups of coffee to ensure good quality coffee always.


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